Senior Design Team sdmay20-42 • Economic Home Security System

With approximately 2.5 million burglaries per year, home security solutions have become necessary in order to protect your home from intruders. While there has been rapid growth and development within the home security sector, many of the solutions are often unaffordable or require large investments in redundant technology from clients. In addition many existing products require you to use their proprietary cloud technology, which is a security vulnerability itself.

Project Objective:

Our goal is to develop an economic home security solution which utilizes camera feeds from recycled smartphones in order to detect threats.

High Level Overview:

We will utilize multiple unused smartphone camera feeds to detect motion. Once motion is detected in any of the client’s camera feeds, we send the client a notification with a screenshot of the motion that was detected if deemed a threat. Upon opening the notification, the client is given an option to view and delete the clip. If the event is considered to be a home intrusion, our server generates an incident report containing time of occurrence and video footage of the entire time frame of the event. These incidents are then stored and made available for consumption on our client facing web application.

Project Goals:

Below are the goals of the project stated which are separated by the individual server and client goals. Stretch goals have been marked with asterisks.


  • Stream multiple camera feeds to our server for processing
  • Viewing of all camera streams within your home
  • Local cache recording
  • Tap, or accelerometer dash cam saving*
  • Push notifications of events such as
  • Motion detected
  • Personal identification*


  • Receipt of all stream footage
  • Production of push notifications from
  • Processing stream frames at regular intervals